Living Care

 Living 24/7 is a specialised care service for people who need a lot of care and support with day-to-day life but want to stay in their own home, rather than enter a care home. Churchill Health Cares Livin 24/7 service enables you to remain in your own home, as independently as possible, while being fully supported by a live-in carer.

About Live-In Care

Living 24/7 enables you to live in familiar surroundings enabling you to have
maximum flexibility, choice and control over your life. As long as you are
able to provide a separate bedroom for your carer, it’s the perfect home
care solution – and you may qualify for financial support from your local
authority, if this is available in your area.


Enjoy one-to-one support from a conscientious, friendly and fully trained
carer. You’ll be able to relax, knowing that there is someone there for
you, seven days a week, available whenever you need them, but out of your
way when you don’t. They can help with your housework, personal care and
shopping, or simply provide good company.

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