Medication Assistance

During your visit our qualified Care Workers could assist with your medication requirements. As it can become difficult to manage medication due to the variety of different pills in differing amounts at specific times it can be very challenging to cope.Medication assistance can be given to ensure that you are taking the right medicine at the right dose at the right time..

Medication Assistance

We can prompt you, assist you or give full support by administrating
medication, and in that way, we will be ensuring that your health needs
are met.


We also work closely with your GP and pharmacists, so if you need us
to we can assist in arranging, accompanying you to your appointments,
and discuss your health needs with professionals.


We can also organize your prescription, and if necessary collect or
arrange delivery with your local Chemist.


Every member of our care team receives full training in medication,
and are qualified and approved to prompt, assist or administer your
medication assistance