Whether it’s a kid or an older person, both require special care and attention from us. But, a kid grows into an adult and is more responsible. While a senior person grows older and they seek extra attention with time passing. So, live-in care is a great way to offer extra attention that they need. But, sometimes, live-in care snatches their independence that haunts them more than getting lesser attention.
We will convey to you the importance of giving the person independence in live-in care through this article.

1. To Respect Personal Space

There are certain areas or activities that a person will feel awkward and shy while asking for help. Whether it’s showering, dressing up, or picking up clothes to wear, these are some areas that aren’t comfortable if someone else is doing it for you. So, it becomes essential to offer freedom with a few activities in live-in care, as it is centered around helping with things that the person can’t do.

2. Fitting-in Live-In Care Into The Routine

Live-in care isn’t a dietician or physical trainer who has the authority to interfere in the daily life routine. Live-in care is there to assist the individual in different things to make life easier for them. Wrapping them around with strict or a new lifestyle might affect their freedom. So, live-in care should allow stuff according to the person’s choice and accept the person’s existing routine. In this way, their independence won’t be affected.

3. To Keep The Morale Up

In live-in care, the morale and confidence get lowered initially. The live-in carers are there to boost up and encourage the person to regain trust again. But, without the involvement of close ones like family and friends, the support can’t be completed. So, allowing family and friends to visit the live-in care anytime they want helps them feel relaxed and independent.

4. To Make Them Feel Like An Individual

One of the most important reasons is to offer independence to older people in live-in care. Allowing these individuals to make decisions and make changes in their lives does not make them feel dependent. If they are not allowed to lead their lives themselves, this can negatively affect them with anger, depression, and other behaviors. So, with independence, they can be themselves, as they used to be previously.

5. Aids With Memory Skills

Offering independence to older people can help them recover quickly from existing illnesses. Along with rapidly recovering, freedom also boosts memory skills. With increased activity, the blood flow to the brain also increases, which helps in preserving memories at an older age. Hence, independence in live-in care also prevents memory loss due to aging.

Age doesn’t matter for independence, as anyone under captivity or strict regulation can easily negatively affect life. And with older people, this thing gets more severe. We discussed some important points that say independence is the best medicine for any illness in the above part. So, whether under home care or live-in care, it’s the responsibility of the caretaker to give freedom with lifestyle while keeping an eye on the safety of the person.

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